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JSON to YAML Converter


This is an online tool to convert data from JSON to YAML format. This conversion tool is free, very easy and simple to learn. JSON to YAML Conversion takes place in very quick and efficient manner by this tool.

JSON Input:
YAML Output:

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What is JSON Format?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.
JSON is lightweight data-interchange format.
JSON is easy to read and write than XML.
JSON is language independent.
JSON supports array, object, string, number and values.
"id" : 1,
"name" : "John",
"city" : "Delhi"

What is YAML?

YAML Ain't Markup Language is a data serialization language that matches user’s expectations about data. It designed to be human friendly and works perfectly with other programming languages. It is useful to manage data and includes Unicode printable characters. This chapter will give you an introduction to YAML and gives you an idea about its features.
 id: 1
 name: john
 age: 21
 city: London
 country: UK

How we convert JSON to YAML using this tool?

1. Open JSON to YAML Converter online tool. 2. Write/Paste JSON data in input text area.
3. Click on JSON to YAML button to convert data from JSON to YAML.
4. Output YAML will be showing in output text area.

Is easy and simple to learn? is very easy and simple tool to learn. It has very user friendly view which makes user to use it quite easily. some functions are written in javascript and some in webservices. The tool has different converters and string functions which makes this tool very versatile.

Is this tool free?

Yes, it is 100% free tool to use.